Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rug Cutting Time

Blue masking tape to ensure a neat, clean epoxy application
Catching up on my progress report...

Yep, the installation of the bulk heads and the center assembly went as planned the day after my previous entry.

I will say that prior to the actual installation of the bulk heads, I measured, test-fitted and re-measured just to be sure that everything lined up and was in the right position, at the right angle. I had no trouble with the dagger board box. It found its way into center line without trouble even though I had feared that this might be problematic since I had detected a 3/8" warp in the trunk... that was even before I glued the assembly together.

I took great pains to make certain that the forward bulk head was positioned such that both the lug-rig mast step and the leading mast support (glued in front of the bulk head) both fit totally snugly. A small deviation would cause the mast to be raked incorrectly.

I am planning to glue into the inside center of the rear transom a support bracket. This is not part of the kit and had to be made with a separate piece of wood. I used my imagination and kept rasping, filing, sanding until it had the perfect fit.

This special bracket was inspired by some comments I read on the PMD Forum. The purpose is not only to provide additional support for the back seat and added strength for a motor mount but more importantly to make the proper installation of the rear seat a lot easier.  A dry run confirmed the point. However at this point we don't install the back seat and the front deck just yet. More work must be done on the bottom and outside of the hull.

I also cut the holes for the inspection ports prior to gluing the bulk heads into position. Making these holes while the bulk head is still very accessible makes a lot more sense to me than (as the manual suggests) cutting the hole while everything is already glued in and a lot more awkward to reach. Actually, I was using a small Bonsai saw to do the job and I am glad that I did not wait with that job because I found it hard enough to cut the curve as it was.

So, around she goes - face down - for the general beautification of her backside. I have actually begun the job, yet much remains to be done.

Full report to come...

Done! Bulk heads and center assembly are glued in place.

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