Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deck and Rails

Some pressure flattens the slightly warped deck into prosition
Twirl the hull... special thanks to yeoman's work by Jonah -  and off we are to the next phase... installing the deck and rear seat, the "knees" front and back, cutting the upside dagger board slot, gluing the motor mount and, of course, gluing and shaping the rub rails.

First though, I checked the screws of the bottom skids to find that two were not as much counter-sunk as one might have wished. Well, this fix was easy. I simply removed the screws, drilled in a bit more of the counter-sink bit and then reseated the screws. Voila, all is well now.

Rear seat is in place
So, on to the tasks at hand. Sequence is not so important. I installed the seat and deck before the rails. Also, the manual shows installing of the rub rails (two slats in either side) in a single procedure. That seemed a bit much especially since I was not going to get any help. So. I glued the first rail on both sides one evening and then did the second one on the following day. This was suggested as a "less hectic" option by the manual and worked well.

I think that I have to figure out something other than those saw horses. At this point, they make the boat sit a bit too high. I may build myself a much lower saw horse or else try to improvise i.e. jury rig something. Also, since I installed the skeg, I have to bring the saw horse closer toward the center lest the entire boat rock'n roll side to side as though at sea.

Well, not quite so fast, my little nutshell.  You'll get to play in the water before too soon, little rascal! Ha, almost like the babe - in utero - kicking and ready to get out and go. All in due time!

First set of rub rails - tomorrow the second.
Okay now, quasi patiently waiting for the epoxy to cure so that I can get on with the job of making the most perfect rub rail.

... maybe I'll get to watch the Steeler game tonight... surely, my sons would be shocked.


  1. I sit here amazed at how quickly you are completing your PMD. It's looking great!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I am surprised myself by how much can be accomplished when there is such a promising outcome and - more importantly- the TV is turned off. :-)