Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Autumn Outing

An Autumn Post Card from Moraine State Park:

On Oct 30 the forecast called for temps in the upper 40's. Well, truth be told - and I was there for first-hand reporting - the mercury never reached 40F.  However, the fog caused by cold air above much warmer water, created an eerie almost spooky atmosphere.

Though many leaves were still tenaciously hanging on - the end of fall snapped through my bones.. My feet froze but I loved being there - especially aboard C-Lute.

Obviously, had I expected 30's, I could have brought another layer...  But then again, had I expected 30's I most probably would not have gone to Moraine for the sail in the first place and...

...would have missed a magical Moraine moment.

I never thought of the rowing option quite in this way but when I got too cold, I dropped the sail for a  while and rowed... for sure the physical exercise warmed me up and before too long, I was ready to hoist the lug rig once more.