Monday, June 20, 2011

A Fine Day

On a recent Sunday, my wife Iris came along to sail for the day.

She is generally very supportive of her husband's sailing passion but otherwise does not share in the fascination with wind, water and what-not.

However, she does make an annual appearance at Moraine State Park and I am always anxious to ensure that it be a successful experience.

In the past, we have actually had some wonderful outings on the JN18 with perfect conditions, not too scary but sufficiently thrilling.

On this occasion, C-Lute offered an altogether new experience.

The temperature was balmy perfection and the sun peaked out to shine on small ripples across the water. So C-Lute set off - happily gurgling her way onto the lake toward a little island nestled near Pleasant Bay.

I had previously thought how the PMD with lug rig would be a perfect little learn-to-sail boat. It does not get more basic than the tiller plus the main sheet attached to a single lug sail with a long streaming pennant which tells you immediately whether or not the sail is trimmed correctly. You don't even have to understand the finer points of apparent wind.

Iris, do you want to take the helm?

Yes, she did! - Great! 

So there, a perfect day, indeed, on C-Lute: the Love of my Life sailing my Labor of Love - Ah!  a winning combination.

After a delectable lunch, I dropped the mast and tested the forward rowing station while Iris was sunning herself on the back seat.

I was delighted with the easy swoosh: the hull was perfectly balanced and rowed itself with greater ease than I would have expected. 

Later the winds freshened up a bit and I quickly stepped the mast and hoisted the sail for a fine finale back to Watts Bay.