Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The outside shell

Okay, I had the luxury of two back to back long weekends and consequently I was able to make good progress.

After turning the hull upside down, I epoxied the seams, removed the wires and fillet the crevices between rabbets and planks as well as plug the wire holes.

Then came the first of the two fiber glass jobs. ...but I'm puzzled as to why we are not glassing the first set of planks as well since that is what the inside job calls for.

Anyway, I stuck to the instructions but, gosh, there certainly was enough roving to cover the adjacent planks.

Since I only covered the center section as directed, I laid out the roving in such a manner as to have a lot of overhand on one side, thereby giving me a nice 12' long chunk of fiber glass roving for any future projects.

Not much to report otherwise. The job was fun and easy.

Wait! One thing I had a bit to trouble with was the removal of some of the wires. Apparently, the epoxy got a number of them stuck and I had to follow the technique of Playing with Fire (recommended in the manual) which struck me as potentially inciting pyromania. Anyway, I did not burn down the house and though the picture in the manual looks quite dramatic, it really is easy and works well.

Now that the transoms have been cleaned up and sanded into alignment with the plank ends, we are ready for an inside job...

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