Sunday, January 9, 2011

An inside job...

A small batch of roving for extra mast step support
70 hours into the project and boat flipped back over and up, I am ready to do the inside job!

Oh boy, there are so many tasks. So here are the basics steps:
  • Lay down the fiberglass roving and epoxy
  • Fill in all of the copper wire holes
  • Two additional layers of epoxy
  • Make sure to fill all crevices between planks
  • Make inspection port holes in bulkheads
  • Assemble center console with dagger board box
  • Install center assembly
  • Install front and back bulkheads
  • Fix in place with epoxy paste

After the second coat of epox
I opted for several deviations from the manual. For the most part I was guided by suggestions I found on the PMD Forum (see link)
  • Add an extra patch of roving for mast step
  • Make holes for inspection ports prior to installation
  • Pre-drill pilot holes in hull floor and center seat for the dagger board trunk slots- that takes out the guess work later.
  • Start sanding the hull interior prior to installing the bulk heads
  • Bought some mahogany and capped the dagger board trunk front and back.

Test seating: seems to fit quite nicely

Moving right along... (90 hours into project)

This weekend was very productive and I put in two good working days. My wrists ache though from a lot of sanding where the orbital sander did not work.  

NOTE TO SELF: For the next project buy the set of scrapers which allow you to scrape epoxy instead of sanding.

Waiting for the epoxy to cure
Lug rig: install both mast support plus mast step

Preparing for the final assembly of center seat with dagger board box

 Tomorrow evening I should be able to install at least one of the bulk heads... perhaps even the center assembly.

We'll see...

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