Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Week Down

Wow, it has been a productive week beginning with the unpacking of all the wood components, supplies and implements as well as accounting for everything to match the packing list.

And then of course, I had to find places to put everything in my micro-workshop. It reminded me of the days when we went on camping trips with our boys and all the gear and luggage had to be stowed and fit in the trunk like a puzzle. Ha! - having fun before the official start of fun.

I had ordered the manual prior to determining that I would, in fact, be prepared to build the PMD. A fact which awaits to be proven. Having read the manual twice and having mentally gone through the process in advance was really helpful and I recommend it to any other would-be shipwright. As I was unpacking and devising a game plan to work within my confined space, I recognized all of the pieces and how they will eventually fit together.

So, briefly, here is what I accomplished in the first week:
  • Glue the rub rails
  • Glue the yard, boom, and mast
These long pieces can then be stored safely out of the way.
  • Glue and sand the 4 pairs of strakes (planks)
  • Glue and sand the bottom piece
  • Apply epoxy on three sets of strakes on both sides (await sanding prior to a second coat
  • Apply epoxy coat on one side of seats and bulkheads
  • Glue, round and sand the two transom pieces and doublers

That's pretty much it.

Including the initial unpacking and storing, I am 25 hours into the project so far. CLC Boats really does a fabulous job on all counts: the directions in the manual, the incredible packaging, fabulous designs and their attentive service. 

Having arrived on Page 36, it looked quite innocent at first but - gosh, it is demanding! It'll take me a few days just to complete the two coats of epoxy and sanding in between cured coats.

Okay, gotta go and do some more sanding...

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