Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ilur's Rib Cage

So, progress is being made... I try to do a little every evening. After watching the news I do need that time to focus on doing something constructive. Building Ilur fits the bill.

Sourcing wood has proven to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. Mars Lumber finally got in some Cypress wood which I intend to use for keelson and keel. I loaded it on my kayak trailer since I did not want to transport a heavy 16' board of lumber on the top of my car.  My friend Garth Jones kindly and most conveniently availed himself in perfect timing to help me re-saw the 8/4 board such that - in the end - I had two boards, one for the keelson and another for the outer keel.   

After the strakes were glued up...

...the transom was completed. The top is a fine piece of Sapele.

Finally I was ready to assemble the station forms... these will not stay with the finished boat...

...along with the bulk heads which act as station forms and to which therefore the strakes are glued permanently.

The center board trunk is also part of the initial assembly, as is the transom and the inner stem.

Before gluing in the inner stem I drilled the future limber holes (for water to drain) into the two mast steps - a job more easily done on the bench than once it is on the boat.

Finally it was time to fit the keelson, cut the three large mortises for the skeg

Keelson - Pre-bevelling
and plane the rolling bevel to create a perfect fit for the garboards.

Dry fitting the skeg to make sure the mortises and skeg tenons sink in just so.

Coming up: the garboards and the will to bend!

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