Monday, July 13, 2015

Ready to Let Her Go - SOLD

C-Lute has been SOLD!

With a tear in my eye I am ready to let my Passagemaker Dinghy go. Besides the PMD, I have built three kayaks (a Night Heron Hybrid, a Shearwater Sport Hybrid and a fully stripped Petrel). Now I am contemplating my next build, another sailboat - another lap-strake hull.

Alas, in order to build my next boat, I am forced to make some room in my residential boat yard and thus I have decided to make C-Lute available for sale. This dinghy has everything your heart desires and she is in tip-top shape. She can move on a wisp of air yet can take 15 - 20 knots without a problem.

Included are the following:
  • One Passagemaker Dinghy (painted in Hatteras White lower strakes and bright upper strake)
  • The bright work is protected by interlux schooner varnish - with top coats of satin varnish
  • 2 stations of bronze oar locks
  • 8' spoon blade oars
  • stitched on leather on oars, boom and yard
  • Tan-bark Lug Sail (upgrade) with reef points
  • sail and spar bag
  • hi-end Ronstan Carbon Blocks on down-haul
  • hi-end Ronstan Carbon Blocks and cam cleat on mainsheet
  • Mahogany carved tiller extension
  • Trailex trailer with special bow fitting for pram
  • Spare tire 
  • "travel kit" a customized setup which allows you to trailer mast, spars, oars and dagger board safely and securely

Asking $3,500 (essentially a little less than the direct material costs)

Boat located in Pittsburgh, PA
If interested, communicate via email

So, how - you may ask - can you stand it... letting go of my baby? My answer: that's how any builder of fine musical instruments must feel... and yet - there is comfort in letting someone else enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here are some current pictures:

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